Mystery Town Tours is simple. All you need is a charged mobile phone and a group of friends or family who want to have some fun.

Booking a tour

Pick your tour and select your intended start date. This is flexible – once selected you will be able to take the tour up to 7 days before and up to 21 days after your chosen date.

Once you've bought your tour you'll get an email with instructions, a phone number, and access code.


We will send you a series of approximately 20 clues by text or App. Each clue will lead you on an easy walk to a different location where you will have to find a hidden word or solve a puzzle.

Once you find the answer text it back to us. If correct you'll immediately get the next clue.

The clues will lead you to local icons, fascinating businesses, and to secret places even the locals don’t know about. Along the way there are optional breaks so you can get refreshment.

Starting a game

To start a game, send your booking number by text or App and you will receive your introduction messages. From there READ CAREFULLY and simply follow the instructions – when you are ready to play you will receive your first clue. The clock is ticking!

Solving a clue

Solve a clue by texting your answer back. All answers are ONE WORD with no punctuation or spaces. Correct answers mean a new clue. Wrong answers add a 10-minute penalty to your score. Make sure you check spelling and autocorrect carefully before sending.

Getting a hint

There's no shame in asking for a little help, but you'll add a 10-minute penalty to your score for each hint.

If you need more directions to your next clue, text DIRECT. For help solving clue text SOLVE.

Passing a clue

If you're really having trouble with a clue you can pass on it. Text PASS to skip to the next clue. You will receive a 30-minute penalty to your score for each pass.

Finishing a tour

Have you unlocked the secret? Are you sure? When you're ready to solve the final clue text it and see if you've unlocked the mystery. If you're wrong, you'll receive a time penalty and can guess again.

Once you've solved the mystery - come back to the website and see where you ranked on the leaderboard. Celebrate if you placed well. Or laugh at those people who didn't take time to enjoy the town as much as you did!


“The best way to spend an afternoon in Canmore. The whole family had a blast!”

— Luke R, Calgary

“Excellent! Started to race, but chose to slow down and enjoy the great destinations.

— Anthony C, Canmore

“We have lived here 20 years and discovered new places we didn’t even know existed!”

— Craig H, Canmore

Questions ?

Get the App. Solve the Clues. Unlock the Adventure! Whether you’ve been in town for 20 years or 20 minutes, your Mystery Towns adventure will be a FUN, puzzle-solving adventure where your phone is your guide. Combining the fun of a scavenger hunt with the clue-solving challenge of an escape room and the added excitement of a race against the clock, it’s more than just a tour. It’s a brain-teasing voyage of discovery – and it’s your golden ticket to finding secrets even the locals don’t know.

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